Thursday, June 25, 2009

Grade 1 success with heart rate training

Hello again-

A guy I know in Australia is doing fantastic work with his Etrakka heart rate/GPS training device. So fantastic in fact, that one of his charges recently won a Grade One event.

Better yet, he has provided the actual heart rate vs speed chart from the week prior to this huge victory - results that prompted the trainer to enter the horse when he had originally been thinking of races further in the future.

But, when they are peaking you run them, every horseman knows that - the difference is this time the peak was scientifically discovered: making it a concrete fact, not an opinion.

Much more info at:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trainer Magazine article coming out July 09

Yours truly above at Churchill fitting up a mare with my Polar heart rate/GPS device, using a new belt that is much easier to work with and manage. On my left wrist is the watch that the rider wears, and on my upper arm is the GPS unit, which the rider also wears.

Not much time to post lately, but I have been working on a big piece for North American Trainer Magazine,, that is to be published in July. Lots of the blog stuff will be covered in there, with some more pics from my work in Louisville/Lexington over the past few years.

Your thoughts and feedback will be much appreciated, thanks-