Sunday, June 14, 2009

Trainer Magazine article coming out July 09

Yours truly above at Churchill fitting up a mare with my Polar heart rate/GPS device, using a new belt that is much easier to work with and manage. On my left wrist is the watch that the rider wears, and on my upper arm is the GPS unit, which the rider also wears.

Not much time to post lately, but I have been working on a big piece for North American Trainer Magazine,, that is to be published in July. Lots of the blog stuff will be covered in there, with some more pics from my work in Louisville/Lexington over the past few years.

Your thoughts and feedback will be much appreciated, thanks-


  1. hi bill,

    i recently began reading your posts and am interested to learn more about what you do. question--is it similar to tests that may be used by 'equix'? i am a professional rider at keeneland (for the moment), but have worked in the industry for many years. i say one of clement's riders in this gettup--was it for you?

    anywy, just wanted to stop by and say hi. i just 'profiled' today so you will be hearing more from me in the future.

    cant wait to read the article ;))

    happy posting !!

  2. Hello, thanks for posting-

    Equix Biomechanics uses various physical measurements to foretell racing performance, I use physiological/heart rate measurements instead. Related, but pretty different stuff.

    I don't work with Clement, but he still may use the same equipment, I'll try to find out...