Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thoroedge Racing Partnership - the only drug free stable racing in the US

Time to put my money where my mouth is. ThoroEdge Racing Partnerships is set for a January 2011 launch with 5-10 purchases of 2 year olds who are galloping regularly, but yet to begin formal speed training.

What make us different than the rest?
  1. 100% drug free racing, no lasix, no bute.
    Drug use for maladies such as coughs, colds, etc. is just fine, but drug abuse is not allowed. Vet bills to be shared with all investors.

  2. Action, action, action!
    Our economic model calls for 2 year olds to be trained in South America, where monthly costs are just $1,000. Without debilitating drug abuse, and through scientifically sound training methods, our stock will race every 10-14 days on average - like in the old days.
    Put just these two factors together, and you get 10x the excitement for your dollar vs traditional partnerships.

  3. Quality horseman at every level.
    Trainers with success in US-bases stake races, foreign assistants who have graduated from KY-based internship programs, and bloodstock agentswith decades of experience, make up the Management Team.

  4. Auctions are for suckers, unless you are the seller.
    All of our stock will be purchased privately, off the farm. If a seller doesnt allow me to monitor HR during a gallop - I'm not buying from him. Public auctions are where the world's leading breeders dump their unwanted horses - ones they have observed on the farm for many months that show zero hope. Some champions in that mix, but you have to spend millions to find them consistently.

  5. With our physiological testing regimen we are targeting the best athletes, not merely the potential pedigree superstars. The magic happens when a horse is moving, and his HR behavior indicates superior physiological ability in real time.

  6. Only those horses that can pay their way come to the US.
    With an average shipping cost of $10,000 from South America, our best prospects will need to win 3-4 races overseas before coming to the states.

  7. Our sport is horse RACING, not horse selling, not horse breeding - you want that other stuff, go join Team Valor, etc. Many of which, by the way, are fantastic organizations, just playing the game in a different manner than Thoroedge.

  8. Our ideal campaigner will, in his/her career, race until age 6 and make 50 starts. This can only be accomplished by judicious training/racing and keeping them sound with frequent paddock turnout time.

  9. All foreign races will be available via live webstream - perhaps not TVG or HRTV everytime out, but technology is pervasive enought to give us great coverage.

  10. Nothing noble comes without sacrifice. Sending stock to the southern hemisphere for 2 year old training effectively rules out the Kentucky Derby and other classics, but not the Breeders Cup or many other quality stakes races at ages 4 and up.


  1. where does one get more information on this venture?

  2. Hello Anon-

    Please send an email to and I will make sure to send additional information.


  3. This isn't something new. Except the South America part of it. It's just going back to the 60's when there were still Horseman that were raised on Horse's and there were still farm boys. I used HRM's when they first came out for about three years, and then learned just by observing the babies which ones had the most effective cardio output. As far as $1000/month down there, thats pretty high, $400/month will get the best. $20 a week for gallop riders/grooms, .50 cent hay/bedding. $4.00 a hundred for Oats, no insurance costs. Ya, it's like going back to the good old days here in the USA. You should make a killing if you can get the fish to bite.